Workshop Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine 


Y80, New design, New quality, based on YJK-80 and YJK-80N, 

suited for the Workshop (or Mobile Vans) volume user who has a requirement to crimp hoses in a repair or medium production environment in a workshop, single piece production in machine shops, repair workshops or even mobile van with electric supply on-site.

YJK-80N hydraulic crimping machines produce very efficient and accurate crimping results. The necessary operating force is supplied by 1ph or 3ph electricity , to provide press force up to 175t.

YJK-80N Digital Controlled Hydraulic Crimp Machine, the maximum hose size is 1 1/4″ 4SP and the machine can be equipped with 8 standard die sets. 


◆Machine Head: Forge Steel

◆Crimp Capacity: 2SN 4SP

I.D. up to 1 1/4 inch / 32mm

O.D. up to 80mm                 

2 braided wire: 1 1/4"

4 spiral wire: 1 1/4"                    

◆Crimp force: 1750kN

◆Voltage: 220v - 480v  

◆Motor Power: 3kw / 4kw           

◆Standard Dies: 8 Sets

◆Quick Change Tools

◆Control: CNC / Auto /Manual

◆Foot pedal

◆Noise level: 65dB

◆Weight: 228kg

◆Size: 650×500×730mm 

Y80 Hose Crimping Machine.JPG