4 Inch Hose Crimping Machine



4 Inch Hose Crimping Machine 

Industrial Hose Crimping Machine

Customized Crimper for Industrial Hose

4 Inch Hose Crimping Machines, Hydraulic Crimping Machines, Industrial Hose Crimper, Industrial Hose Crimping Machine.

Precisely speaking, this is not a fixed machine model, the Big Opening Crimping Machine will be customized according to customers's varied requirements for crimping big size industrial hose, hose with big flange size or other big tubes, such as water, oil, petroleum, gas, steam tubes. 

Key Advantages:

◆ Up to 4 Inch

◆ Low Height from ground

◆ Dies length customized

◆ Max. opening according to work-piece size

◆ Quantity of dies according to work-piece size

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