Y80 Workshop Hose Crimping Machine


Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine 


Y80 is the new design based on YJK-80 model, it has used the CNC machining center for production,  with high crimping accuracy, suitable for workshop hose repair service. 

New Y80 is strong, fast and reliable crimper for any service crimping need. This model turn hydraulics off to conserve energy and to reduce workplace noise levels whenever the machine is idle. Innovative engineering provides quality and productivity while the new design protects the machine when operating in the toughest environments. The compact new design allows easy transport between any locations. Ease of use invites operators to partner with the machine to produce high quality crimps day after day.

The Y80 is a true statement of a YONG-FENG, high-quality engineering success. Its compact ergonomic design and its high productivity make this machine the perfect match for medium to high production volumes or ‘general production. The vast range of available options allows these machines to be configured to meet the customers’ particular need in serial production. The Y80 innovative design works easily in a left or a right hand operation as the feeding can be either from front or rear of the machine.


Machine Head: Forge Steel

Crimp Capacity: 2SN 4SP

I.D. up to 1 1/4 inch / 32mm

O.D. up to 80mm                
2 braided wire: 1 1/4"

4 spiral wire: 1 1/4"                   
Crimp force: 1750kN
Voltage: 240v 
Motor Power: 3kw

Pump: 16 L/M          
Standard Dies: 12 sets

Quick Change Tools

Control: CNC / Auto /Manual

Foot pedal

Noise level: 65dB

Weight: 228kg

Size: 650×500×730mm

Y80 Hose Crimping Machine.JPG