Y32S Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine


Manual Hose Crimping Machine 

Hand-Pump Crimping Machine 

Y32S, new design manual hose crimper, suitable for out-door / on-site hose repair service where no power supply, it powered by the hand-pump, crimping range from 1/4" to 1 1/4 Inch, 


◆Machine Head: Forge Steel

◆Crimp Capacity: 1SN 2SN                    

I.D. up to 1¼ Inch / 32mm

1 braided wire: 1¼”

2 braided wire: 1¼”

4 spiral wire: 1"                   

◆Crimp force: 1750kN                                 

◆Standard Dies: 8 Sets 

◆Weight: 130kg

◆Size: 550×280×510 mm

Y32S Hose Crimper.jpg

Y32S Hose Crimping Machine.jpg