YONGFLEX, is a develop rapidly and successful enterprise that has been going on for over 27 years,Since it was founded in 1992, it has established a very strong reputation for hydraulic hose crimping machine in China as well as in worldwide.

YONGFLEX's products has included Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine, hydraulic Hose crimpers, Mobile Service Crimper, Workshop Crimping Machine, Side Feed Crimping Machine, Serial Production Crimping Machine, Nut Crimping Machine, Hose Skiver, Hose Cutter (Cut Saw), Hose Test Bench, Industrial Hose Crimping Machine, Steel Tubes Swaging Machine, Steel Wire Rope Crimping Machine, Rebar Coupler Crimping Machine, Air Condition Hose Crimping Machine, Air Suspension Crimping Machine, Fire Service Pipe Crimper, Teflon Hose Press Machine, Electric Cable Press Machine, Concrete Pipe Crimping machine, Water, Air, Steam Hose Crimping Machine, Hose Cutting Machine, Hose Skiving Machine, High Pressure Test Bench, Special-dies Customized.


MOREOVER,for convenience of customers, YONGFLEX also supply high quality hydraulic hose (1SN, 2SN, 4SP, 6SP) and Hydraulic Fitting (Metric, BSP, JIC, ORFS, Flange......), just for help customers to got what they want easily in hydraulic business.图片2_副本.png

Up to now, YONGFLEX Hydraulic Hose Assembly Equipment have service customers in more than 100 countries all over the world, professional crimping solutions, quality and durable crimping equipments, and keep in promised service are always what we doing for our worldwide users.


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